A theory of knowledge essay has been at the moment the most demanding essays that are used in examining the capabilities of learners. Unlike other kinds of essays, a TOK will try to raise questions that require the student to apply some knowledge, and therefore, the student does not only need to come up with claims relating to the issue that has been raised. A TOK in this way is purposely used to test the creativity of the student. The essays will always have some word limit. In most cases, you should not use more than 1600 words in your essay; contrary to this, you will be charged. So, if you come up with some task relating to “who will write my tok essay for me,” it would be important to read through some samples to get the overview of really what the essay should entail.

As a tok essay may be examined in a school or a seminar somewhere, it would be important to guide our learners through an overview of the requirements. Just as in any other kind of essays, a tok should be very competitive in order to attract the interest of your readers. A good tok, in this case, can be compared to swimming. What we mean by this, it is either you have the knowledge on the art of coming up with the essay or not; it is always a two-way traffic and therefore, you are required to apply the concept and also pay attention.

A tok written by an individual who is knowledgeable in this sector will always be known for its format. This comes through from the presentation of the topic to the definition of the concepts and keywords. The key towards writing a good tok essay would understand the major keywords from which you will derive the rest of your essay. The essay should be composed of paragraphs, and if possible every concept should be drafted in its paragraph. A tok entails expressing your ideas and therefore, it would be important if you arranged your paragraphs in an alternating way. In this case, if in one paragraph you write about a claim, the next paragraph should contain an opposing counterclaim.

Before coming up with your story, it would be important first to come up with a plan of what you want to write. This should only be done after understanding the grading criteria of the essay. Unlike in a narrative essay where you may come up with a story and bring it down, the planning of a tok should take around a week before the due date of writing the ideas down. During this planning process, matters that you should bring down include discussing your TOK essay, the grading criteria, the knowledge question as well as the outline of your essay.

With the knowledge on every requirement in a tok essay, the last step would be to structure your essay. You should be careful to avoid omitting any of the requirements as it will degrade your essay. You should be precise in coming up with a summary of your ideas as well as remember to give a conclusion that should relate to the reflection of what you have discussed in the entire essay.